Betwixnet, n.

Syn. Internet. From Old English Betwuxnett (also Betweoxnett), literal rendering of “Inter-net”. Middle English betwixnet, occ. betwixtnet.  Oxford English Dictionary, alternative history edition

a bit more seriously... is the personal domain of Meg and David Sewell. It exists as something of an accident: back in 2003 I (David) signed up for a hosting account with Dreamhost in order to create a political website in connection with the 2004 campaigns. At some point I realized that my account plan entitled me to three separate domains, so I figured I’d add another one for miscellaneous use. I was going to give it the Anglo-Saxon name form, (yep, it’s the proper Old English translation of “Internet”; Latin compounds in inter- were typically betwux- compounds in OE), but decided it would be a bit rough on modern ears, so I settled for the slightly later Middle English form,, which is what Chaucer called it.

Currently we don't use the domain for anything but email.

Last updated: 13 March 2006